GoBright - Vodcast Chris Wiegeraad, Joost Heessels, Salim - the impact of flexible working

The Impact of Flexible Working – Vodcast 1


We are pleased to share our first vodcast with you, in which we discuss topics related to the benefits of flexible working and smart solutions. We are very enthusiastic about offering you the opportunity to hear the opinions and experiences of people who manage flexible working environments.

Our first guest is Joost Heessels, Chief Editor of KBM/OFM, accompanied by Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright. Both are interviewed by our host Salim, discussing topics related to flexible working and its implications on the workforce. Chris and Joost explain why they think flexible work will be the norm in the future and touch topics such as community, cultural differences, and efficient solutions for flexible working.

To find out more about improving your flexible working environment, listen to and watch our vodcast!

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