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How To Attract And Retain Talent – Vodcast 4


Welcome to our newest Vodcast episode! In episode #4, you will learn about the key elements of attracting and retaining talent in a dynamic environment. Learn how hybrid working has influenced employees and employers’ hiring practices, including insights into the first interview approaches.

Join Chris Wiegeraad, our Commercial Director, and Sara Jans, the founder of Smart Talent, and discover all the pro’s and cons’ of seeking talents in a new era. Sara specialises in securing permanent job positions for professionals. Get ready for valuable insights on talent retention in today’s work environment.


How has Hybrid Working Affected the search for Talents?

Nowadays, finding talents can be challenging. Some argue it is more difficult due to a tight job market and a large pool of job seekers. However, Sara sees opportunities in this as well. With the rise of remote work and the ability to conduct online job interviews, the pool of talents has actually expanded. Why limit yourself to searching talents within a 10km radius around your companies office? The world is at your doorstep.

But how can you maintain talents in such a dynamic environment? Discover effective ways to attract and keep talents within your company. In this Episode, you can see how certain office features can make people want to work there. Access to exclusive services creates a desire to be in that environment and work effectively.

Learn how attraction and retention align with office developments.
The Vodcast emphasises the importance of flexible workplaces and how meeting candidates in person makes a positive difference.

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