GoBright - Vodcast 2

The ROI of a Smart Working Environment – Vodcast 2


An expert perspective on how creating a smart work environment, leveraging the right intelligent software, and adopting a modern office layout, with classy furniture, can pay off. There are various advantages both in the short and long term.

So, here we are again! New topic, new guest!

We are happy to share our second Vodcast. The spotlight is on “The ROI of a Smart Working Environment.” Hosted by Salim, this episode features insightful interviews with two distinguished speakers: Wesley Bosma, Managing Director at OCS Plus, and Chris Wiegeraad, Commercial Director at GoBright.

Employee understanding

Again, we want to focus on the impact that smart working has on both the people that are working in the office and from remote, and see what the advantages are of investing into a better office. Many offices are not ready yet for the new way of working that started to take place after the pandemic… That is why we want to raise awareness and spread our knowledge about the importance of understanding the environment in which people collborate. Essentially, many employers struggle to engage their employees in the office. So, how can we attract people back to the office? How can we make sure they feel comfortable?

In order to find the best answers to these questions, there is need for a drastic change!

In this episode, Chris and Wesley share their knowledge about what makes an office a good workplace and what investments are needed to create such an environment. In addition, they share the importance of ’Brand Identity’ and the impact it has on people. All factors that are crucial to take into account when it comes to contribute to the office evolution.

Do you want to find out how to create the best and most attractive workplace?  This Vodcast is the key to solve your issues!

You can find it both on YouTube and on Spotify.

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