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Introducing a new “Reporting Issues” feature for a better office experience.

New Features & Upgrades

We are excited to announce a powerful enhancement to the GoBright experience – the all-new “Reporting Issue” feature. GoBright users can take an active role in ensuring an efficient, clean and well functioning workplace environment. This feature allows users to report issues directly through the GoBright Portal and the GoBright App, covering room bookings, desk bookings, parking reservations, digital signage, and visitor registrations.


Meeting employee expectations of Flexible Working

The purpose of the office has changed with the rise of flexible working. The office is much more a place to collaborate with colleagues rather than to work individually. And hot desking, desk sharing, and activity-based working are normalised. When you do come into the office, you expect certain facilities and accessories. For your workplace for example; a height adjustable desk, multiple screens to work on, a docking station to connect your laptop, and a clean work surface. In a meeting room, you may expect a functioning TV screen with a stable video conferencing system and a strong Wi-Fi connection. This setup allows for easy laptop connection and smooth video calls. Nothing is more frustrating than having poor video quality or participants unable to understand each other. In a general sense, employee expectations are crucial when it comes to staying in the office. Is the air conditioning/heating working properly? Is the lighting functioning everywhere? Are all digital signage or presentation screens on and functioning well?

You can imagine how annoying it is when you arrive at your workplace and you discover that things are missing, or not working. You can’t do your work properly when missing a docking station, or connection cables, or when its freezing at your department. But what do you do then? When these problems occur more often that’s all the more reason to work from home. If it’s just a one-time issue, you can decide to work at a different workplace (if available), but the problem will not solve itself. Facility Management needs to be informed about it, so that they can fix it. As soon as possible. Who is responsible for this? Well… Everyone is!

GoBright - Issue Reporting


Streamlining Issue Reporting

GoBright developed a new feature with which it becomes easier to report any issues that arise at your workplace, or the facilities or amenities around your workplace or even general issues at your department via the GoBright Portal, the GoBright App, or the Room Panel. For instance if the keyboard is missing, you can directly report it and Facility Management can take care of it immediately. They can even see who reported the issue, at what workplace etc.

GoBright - Issue Reporting


Ticketing System

To be specific, the handling and resolving of any issue is possible within the GoBright system via a ticketing system. With this upgrade, Facility Management gains insight into what issues there are and what needs to be fixed.


Automated Routing

Behind the scenes, the reported issue will go to the appropriate people or department. For instance, if a docking is missing, it goes to IT. Ensuring optimal efficiency and that the right people are informed.  Portal administrators have the authority to determine which department or person receives issue reports. Whether it’s a missing keyboard for IT, an HVAC issue for Facility Management, or catering-related matters for the in-house caterer, the system ensures precise and targeted communication.

Once the issue is reported, users will receive a confirmation via email. They can stay informed through notifications, providing status updates and resolution progress.


Tailored reporting options

Companies can customise their reporting options based on the specific elements that are present in each room or workspace. This flexibility allows users to communicate issues effectively, considering the unique features of different spaces. Users can report issues in two categories: ‘amenities’ or ‘environment.’ The portal displays a list of elements in these categories. This user-friendly interface allows users to quickly choose and describe the problem, making the reporting process simple and efficient.

GoBright - Issue Reporting

Launch for all GoBright Solutions

Reporting Issues was  already available for Room Booking. However, we decided to extend this feature across our entire platform. We believe this enhancement will significantly contribute to creating an optimal workspace for everyone.


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