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The perfect combination: an innovative Desk booking system combined with the height adjustment technology of sit-stand desks


Cosnova is innovative and growing rapidly. Finding good employees is not easy these days. To be and remain an attractive employer, they keep up with the trends of modern and ergonomic workplaces.

It goes without saying that the new desks are electrically height-adjustable. There is a decisive reason why the office furniture manufacturer WINI chose tables with electrical adjustment systems from LINAK: With rapid growth, the need for workplaces is also increasing. However, there is a lack of space. Since not all employees are in the office at the same time – especially the salespeople are on the road a lot and their tables are often not used – an innovative solution for desk sharing was needed. This is where the third company comes into play: the Dutch room & desk booking specialist GoBright.

Meanwhile, 650 employees work for the cosmetics company, whose best-known brands are essence, Catrice and L.O.V. 450 people work in Sulzbach alone. In 2004 the company moved to this location and since then new office space has been added time and again. Today, the company has reached its limit of what is possible in terms of space. New ways of working are a good solution to this problem; in other words, the combination of mobile working and working at the office. A combination of working in co-working spaces, on the go, from home or even at the office is conceivable. The ‘New Work’ concept should on the one hand alleviate the space problem, on the other hand it should also appeal to young, potential employees who want to work flexibly.

Cosnova Connect Device

Not only does our office look good, but we can also work ergonomically and the desk sharing issue has been solved using the latest technology.

Jens Gädeke Director IT

Implementation of Meet and Work at cosnova

cosnova desks

Optimal use of workplaces

A modern sit-stand workplace that should contribute to ergonomic working was planned from the start. “Ergonomic working is important in offices these days,” says Jens Gädeke, Director IT at cosnova. When looking for the right tables, both facility management and the IT department focused not only on ergonomics, but above all on an intelligent solution for desk sharing. A Desk Booking system should help with the optimal use of workplaces. The pilot project started with the order processing, accounting, and sales departments. 100 sit-stand workstations were created, spread over two floors. cosnova breathes the open space philosophy, there are only a few individual offices. Retreats and smaller meeting rooms are integrated in the open space.

Cosnova office room display

The most innovative approach

The Room and Desk Booking that Jens Gädeke had in mind should fit the cosnova’s company size. The requirements for the system were: a steady, flexible, and future-oriented solution in which the hardware and software are aligned. During a search online they came across software manufacturer GoBright. “It was the company with the most innovative approach to a modern booking system,” reported Director IT Jens Gädeke.

The link to the office furniture manufacturer WINI came on the advice of GoBright.  cosnova chose the WINEA FLOW sit-stand table system from WINI, in which the motor and control components from LINAK are installed. GoBright and LINAK work closely together. The LINAK controls provide an interface so that the GoBright booking system can communicate with the electric lifting columns. This allows the tables to be controlled with the GoBright Connect; the control element.

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Room & Desk Booking

But how does the GoBright Room and Desk Booking system work exactly? On a large Mapping display at the office you can see all available and booked rooms and desks of each floor; reservations can be made on the touch display instantly. Alternatively, desks and rooms can be booked via the GoBright mobile app as well – the app can be used to book the tables at any time, regardless of location, and a browser interface is also available. Meeting rooms can also be booked via an integration in Outlook / Exchange with various additional functions. If the motion sensor in the meeting room does not detect any participants or if you do not confirm your arrival on the display, the booking is removed from the system after a short time and the room is available for other meetings.

The same applies to the workplaces; here you confirm your arrival using an RFID / NF transponder. The user can operate the table via the Desk Connect. This control element is mounted in the tabletop of each table: Adjust the height of your desk with the Connect, check in / out at your desk, and preset your personal preferences. In addition, the Connect Led lights indicate the status of the desk – Green (available), Red (occupied), Blue (do not disturb) or Purple (desk needs cleaning).

Download Cosnova Case in PDF Download Cosnova Case in PDF (German)

cosnova meeting room

A unique combination

cosnova is very satisfied with its new working environment, especially with the combination of a ergonomic height adjustable desk with a booking system. “Not only does it look good and you can work ergonomically, but the desk sharing issue has also been solved using the latest Smart Office technology,” says Director IT Jens Gädeke.

The company
At cosnova, people like colors. No wonder, because cosnova, based in Sulzbach im Taunus is a cosmetics manufacturer. The cosmetics industry is probably one of those industries that can hardly be surpassed in terms of color diversity. What applies to the products also applies to the interior design of the offices. The corporate colors raspberry red, orange and pink can be found in small colored accents in the offices. Here a roll container in raspberry red, there a seat cushion in orange or pink.

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