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Why should I book my workplace in advance?

Even with a Desk Booking system such as GoBright’s, it is still possible to choose a desk ad hoc when you enter the building at the start of your shift. However, if you work at an office with less workspaces than employees, it is possible there are no desks available, when you arrive at work. When you book a desk in advance, you are certain you have a desk to work at, especially if you prefer to work on a specific floor, a specific desk or near a specific colleague.

But also if your office has more than enough workplaces, it can come in handy to book a desk in advance. Say you need to collaborate with a specific person tomorrow. It is way easier to book a desk close to them in advance, rather than having to look for them the next day, especially in offices with multiple floors. In GoBright’s Desk Booking system, you can even make a Team Booking, allowing you to book multiple desks for a group of people.

And what about businesses that have multiple offices? This way, you can decide in advance at which office you’d like to work, based on which people are present at what day and what meetings you have. Directly book your desk at the office of your preference.

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