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What are the disadvantages of a Desk Booking System?

We are advocates for a good Desk Booking System. But… Are there any disadvantages?  Which aspects should you consider when integrating desk booking at the office?

1. Hierarchy disruption and lack of personal space

With employees sharing desks, there might be a hierarchy or company culture disruption in the office. This is an important aspect to consider when adapting from a ‘fixed desk office’ to a flexible ‘desk sharing office’. It’s not automatically a no-go because of that, but start the conversation with management and employees to align their wishes, expectations, and fears. Create a working environment that makes everybody happy and confident.

With desk sharing, employees do not have ownership of a desk. They cannot decorate their desk with photos, plants, personal stationery, food and drinks, etc. Therefore, you should consider the fact that employees might worry what will happen to their personal space. Communication is key. Make sure employees are included in why certain decisions are made. If desk booking leads to more efficiency in the office, make sure employees understand the benefits of this change.

2. It costs money

Yes that’s right. Every desk booking system will cost money. While some providers will be more attractive in terms of pricing, others offer a more extensive tool with more options. Some providers only offer desk booking software, while others have a complete platform including room bookingparking booking and visitor registration. It is therefore important to consider a few things before making a decision. What do you need as an organisation? Which problems do you want solve and what questions do you need answered? Find a reliable supplier that suits you best in terms of products, options and costs, that fully meets your needs in a desk booking system.

Investing in desk booking software costs money. Is that a real drawback? We prefer to see it as an investment that will bring you many benefits. Advantages as described in this article and probably many more. Time savings, no frustrations at overcrowded offices/departments, direct insights, long-term vision, and workplace management strategy. It stimulates collaboration, improves productivity and a sense of security.

3. Collecting Data

With every desk booking system data is collected and/or used. This is partly anonymous data, as well as personal data. This data can be linked to the company and its employees. For example name, email address, IP addresses, company information, occupancy rates of rooms and desks, or other technical information about integrations with other software programs. Facility managers use this information in  a data-driven workplace to analyse the way the workplace is being used. How much office space is actually needed? Which desks or rooms are used the most? Or how many visitors are present in the building? Please make sure you choose a reliable supplier that handles your data properly and safely. Here at GoBright, it goes without saying that we protect your data according to privacy laws (e.g. GDPR). We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, which means we comply with the highest standards for quality, data protection, and security. In combination with our Microsoft Azure data center, on which the GoBright platform runs, we offer the highest form of data protection.

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