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How do I create a sustainable office?

The importance of a sustainable office is undeniable. But where do you start? It sounds like a big challenge, but with fairly minor changes, you are able to transform your office into a greener design.


Less paperwork!

The first step to a sustainable office is to limit the use of paper. Much communication can be done digitally through e-mails or conference tools such as Microsoft Teams, which reduces paper waste. You can send out e-mails to the whole team, post a message on collaboration tools such as Workplace, or you can make use of digital signage in your offices.

GoBright’s solutions for desk booking, room booking, and visitor registration assist in a complete paperless administration. Your employees are able to manage their desks, meeting rooms, and appointments with visitors all in one system.

Smart cleaning

Most offices are cleaned regularly by a team of cleaners. While having a sanitised working space is important, it’s known that regular cleaning supplies aren’t great for the environment. If you make use of GoBright’s Connect in addition to our desk booking system, the light at the desk shows when a desk needs cleaning. Logically, if a desk hasn’t been used since it was last cleaned, it does not need cleaning again. This way, your facility manager can make smart decisions concerning using (eco-friendly) cleaning supplies. This is called ‘smart cleaning’.

Energy reduction

Many offices logically make use of air conditioning and heating to make working at the office as comfortable as possible for their employees. However, these appliances use up a lot of energy. GoBright’s ‘Analytics’ section provides you with a lot of valuable information, including the occupancy rate of your office. The data that is safely collected by our system can give you insights into how your office space is used. You might find out that you need fewer desks, but more meeting rooms, resulting in reshaping your office. The result might be dropping an entire floor, reducing costs for lighting and energy. To optimally make use of your office space, you might want to look into desk-sharing.

Additionally, you can let technology regulate the way appliances are used in the remaining office space. GoBright’s Room Control and Room Sensors (additions to our Room Booking System) make sure equipment and lighting in rooms is only turned on when the room is actively being used. Our software is also equipped with a ‘night mode’, helping you save energy outside of working hours.

GoBright’s Smart Office Technology helps to make your office more sustainable.

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