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New Dashboard – Online Portal.
A user-friendly look & feel, with a logical and intuitive way of searching and booking workplaces.
Now it is more similar in appearance and use to the GoBright Mobile App.

Overview of new dashboard

Map Legend Color and Symbols for Rooms
Other location or department Other location or department
eye-off.png eye.png eye-off-transparent.png eye-transparent.png Toggle accessibility icons
green.png green-icon.png green-transparent.png green-transparent-icon.png Green: Available
dark-green.png dark-green-icon.png dark-green-transparent.png dark-green-transparent-icon.png Darker* green: booked later today
yellow.png yellow-icon.png yellow-transparent.png yellow-transparent-icon.png Orange: Almost occupied, check in period active
red.png red-icon.png red-transparent.png red-transparent-icon.png Red: Occupied
blue.png blue-icon.png blue-transparent.png blue-transparent-icon.png Blue: Private meeting, do not disturb
*The color is displayed darker when the room is selected on the map
  1. Search
    There are multiple ways to search for a desk. We will define them in the next image
  2. Today’s bookings
    Change the date and you will see all the bookings you have made on that date.
  3. Mapping
    This is an important part of the dashboard. Make an instant booking via Mapping. The floor plans of all floors in the building can be added to the portal. Simply select the map of the right department or floor.

Mapping is a live view. So if a colleague books a desk via the Portal, Mobile App, or ad hoc at the workplace itself, the adjustments are immediately visible on this interactive Map. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

Note: Mapping is an additional license. The new dashboard is also available without Mapping. Later in this article you can see the lay out of the dashboard without Mapping. But, please note that the Mapping license has a lot of user advantages. So, if you have any questions about Mapping, please contact your Reseller.

Book a Desk
Select a Desk in the Search menu > Choose Date, Time and Duration to be shown the availability > Book your Desk from the list or from the Map

Standard Search
The standard search function can be found at the top left. Just select what you are searching for: a desk, room or colleague. The follow-up steps of your search are explained in the next image.

Standard search showing buttons of desk, room and colleague

Smart Search
This is a new addition.
Suppose you have a desk booking from 12.30 – 14.30 and from 16.00 – 16.45. Then there is a button between these two bookings: + Desk. This means that you can easily search and book a desk between these two bookings. The system therefore makes suggestions based on the availability within this time frame

Add booking button below desk

Did you know?
You can mark your favourite location (floor, building, etc).

Book directly on the Map
Book your desk directly from the interactive Map. When you click on a green desk, a pop-up that shows the available time slots will appear.

pop-up that shows up when making a booking on the mapping

When using the standard search or smart search functions, you will be offered suggestions based on current availability. When you select a desk, you immediately see the location on the Map.

You can also book a locker directly from Mapping. Click on the locker bank to see the availability of the lockers.

Advanced booking and Advanced time selection

With advanced booking you can configure the date, time and if you want to repeat this Desk booking daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

With the Advanced time selection you can book for multiple days.

Advanced time selection pup-up, for, among others, bookings for multiple days

Find my colleague/Find my Desk
This option was already incorporated in the portal, but we have improved it. From now on it is possible to search for a colleague ‘in the future’. Perfect for collaboration with a colleague ‘tomorrow’ or ‘in three days’. Just look up which desk they booked for that specific date and book your desk nearby.

Find my colleague screen shot for desks

Dashboard without Mapping
Not every GoBright user currently uses the Mapping feature because it is an optional license. The new Dashboard can also be used without Mapping.
You then have an overview of your bookings plus the option to search and book via the Search option and the Smart Search option.

GoBright mapping without the dashboard

Advantages of Mapping:

  • With the Mapping license, interactive Mapping can be used on both the online portal and the mobile app. But it can also be used on a touch screen, that is placed at the office floors. So that people can make ad hoc bookings while being at the office.
  • Mapping provides a visual display of the entire office. So you immediately see where the desks and rooms are located. Points of interest, such as amenities, elevators, emergency exits etc can be added as well.
  • Live overview of the occupancy status of each desk or room.
  • Find your colleague on the map and book a desk nearby.
  • Book your locker via Mapping
  • Create the best smart office solution.

Book via the GoBright mobile app
Search for a suitable room.

  • Log in to the app and choose ‘Search’ at the bottom
  • Choose the date, starting time, length, capacity,amenities and type you need
  • Click on ‘Book a desk’
  • Choose the timeslot of the desired desk
  • Choose ‘Save’

Book via the Map Viewer
The map viewer is meant to be placed on a touch display at the entrance of a floor or a building.

  • Choose a floor/building on the right hand side
  • Select an available desk
  • Choose a preset ‘quick booking’, or an available period
  • (ways to authenticate & period presets are configurable by the administrator)

Mapviewer search and book

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