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Ensuring a safe space not only requires changing settings within GoBright but also changes within the physical room. By removing chairs and re-positioning tables and other equipment most rooms can be altered to fit the necessary requirements. A few things which can help to meet the requirements:

  • Removing existing chairs
  • Signposting the 1.5 meter radius between chairs
  • Glass wall mounts that are fixed on tables
  • Providing good ventilation within the room
  • Provide regular cleaning of surfaces

The virus can live on a surface for a couple of days and is likely the float in the air for three hours. Therefore ventilation and cleaning are key in order to adjust the office space. To reflect the behavior within GoBright here is how we can adjust the settings for rooms.

Reducing Capacity

To enforce the current measures for rooms, the best way to currently approach this is to limit the current capacity. We recommend reducing capacity by 50-60% but it varies per situation. The only way to change the room capacity is within the room settings:

  • Log in to the GoBright portal and go to Settings > Rooms
  • Select an existing room
  • Change the capacity to around 40-50%
  • Save the changes and configure the next room


Example, this room’s capacity will be reduced to 4 persons

Each room has to be configured individually as there can room-specific scenario’s to adhere to the current rules. When these settings are applied, everyone will still be able to use the rooms as they normally would but with reduced capacity.

Visual Communication

When we adjust capacity it will be shown while creating a booking and on the Wayfinder. It is communicated while booking via:

  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • GoBright portal
  • The Room Display
  • The Wayfinder

This allows people to check the capacity of a room before creating the actual booking. It will also prevent them from inviting more people than the capacity of the room.

Note that it is also possible to configure capacity within your Office 365 / Exchange or Google G Suite environment

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