Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch)

This widget only displays the Dutch Railway system and cannot be used to get information from other railway companies.

The NS widget shows the departing trains from a specific station that can be selected. This includes all Dutch railway stations. This is a free service from NS that can be used within GoBright View.



  • An NS account
  • An Api key

Apply for an NS account

  • Go to:
  • Press the INLOGGEN button on the top-right
  • You’ll need to create an account Externe bezoeker
  • Click “Don’t have an account? Sign up now”
  • Follow the steps to create an account

Subscribe to the NS-app

  • Go to:
  • Click on API Products
  • Choose Ns-App
  • Fill in an product subscription name like ‘GoBright View’
  • Click Subscribe

Get the API key

  • You should be redirected to the Profiel page, otherwise choose Profiel in the top right corner
  • We’ll need the Primary key
  • You can show this by pressing Show button
  • Copy the Primary key

Within GoBright View

  • Add the NS Widget to a slide
  • Click the widget so the parameters show up
  • Paste in the key you’ve gathered earlier in the Api key parameter field
  • Click Save

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