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Work flexibly by offering multiple workers a single workplace during the day.

Only use a desk when you really need it. Lower the amount of workplaces, save money and increase collaboration and creativity.

  • list-itemFuel productivity and provide the perks of office space: a dedicated work place.
  • list-itemEmpower agile working: facilitate the opposite of the traditional office layout.

Offer employees to book Parking Spots, Lockers and more to increase the productivity of the Hot Desk System.

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What can GoBright Hot Desking mean for you?
Desk sharing software

Benefits for Users

Seek out a desk in the office that suits to your personal needs and work efficiently.
GoBright App & Portal: book and find your perfect workplace.
Occupancy: what desks are available in the office?
Behaviour-based: create a workplace matching employee behaviour.
Collaboration and Connection: stay in touch in the flexible workplace.
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Benefits for Employers

Offer an flexible workplace and get ready for the employee of the future and their demands.
Happy Employees: agile and boundaryless working.
Repurpose the Office: design the office according to what employees really need.
Data-based Decisions: measure and analyse real-time data for 100% accurate insights.
User-Friendly: create a smart environment that is easy to use.
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Save Money in the Hybrid Workplace

How can you save money by designing a workplace based on employee needs.

GoBright Hot Desking Features

An important element is understanding how the office can be efficiently used by employees, based on their preferences. With Hot Desking, multiple employees can use a single desk during different time periods.

GoBright Desk Booking and Room Booking - Portal - 005
The Hot Desking Online Portal
  • list-item Arrange settings and functionalities easily
  • list-item Personal dashboard with bookings per user
  • list-item Provide employees with more information about the desk (e.g. photos)
GoBright Desk Booking and Room Booking - Application - 002
Mobile App
Easy finding and booking via the Mobile App
  • list-item Find and book your desk with the GoBright Mobile App
  • list-item Check in/out via the Mobile App on your phone
  • list-item See bookings made via the personal dashboard
GoBright - Integration with Microsoft Teams
Get more from your technology investments
  • list-item Microsoft Teams and Outlook
  • list-item Google Workspace
  • list-item Active Directory and more
GoBright Work - Desk Booking - auto check-in via sensor2
Desk Sensors

By adding desk sensors to your office Hot Desking System the solution is enhanced. It brings many advantages and simplifies the process for employees and employers.

  • list-itemThe desk sensor sends the desk status to the Portal, Mobile App and Mapping automatically.
  • list-itemThe desk sensor registers movement and heat. Empty desks are automatically freed up after the user leaves.
  • list-itemCollect 100% accurate data.
GoBright Portal - Analytics

GoBright Analytics gives insight into how your office space is used. With Hot Desking you collect data based on bookings, check-ins via hardware and sensors. With Workplace Analytics you can save money and create a suitable workplace for employees. Unnecessary expenses are no longer a problem!

  • list-itemRedesign your office environment based on employee behaviour.
  • list-itemStimulate flexible working.
LEHMANN Locks - Integration GoBright Portal - Partnership
Book your Locker

Book a locker near your desk to easily store your belongings and have an easy work day. With Hot Desking, a locker integration is possible.

  • list-itemBook lockers via Mapping, the Online Portal and the App. Find them in the office via physical Mapping screens in the office.
  • list-itemBook a locker along with a desk or room.
  • list-itemUse the GoBright Mobile App or a NFC card to open the locker.


GoBright integrates with Vecos and Lehmann locks. Thanks to our partnership with Steelcase, WINI Büromöbel and Assmann there is always a suitable locker for your situation.

Read more about Lockers


GoBright - Book Your Parking Spot
Book a Parking Spot

Start your day good by finding and booking your vehicle a parking spot.

  • list-itemAlways guaranteed of a spot for your car.
  • list-itemFilters to find parking spots for for example electric vehicles.
  • list-itemAccess for visitors
Read more about Car Parking

How our customer's workflow has improved with Hot Desking

GoBright - office Cosnova

The most innovative solution for modern desk sharing

  • list-item500+ employees
  • list-itemChallenge: retaining and attracting talent
  • list-itemRoom and Desk Booking
View complete case
Gobright Work - Thirteen Group - Desk Booking

A specific set of requirements made possible with GoBright

  • list-item2500+ employees
  • list-itemChallenge: engender a culture of choice and trust
  • list-itemRoom and Desk Booking and Visitor Registration
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