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We are excited that our desk managementroom management and visitor management solutions have reached the Nordic countries via a collaboration with SEC DATACOM S/A; our distributor in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

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SEC DATACOM is the leading value-added IT distributor in the Nordic region. With a strong local presence, they support leading Nordic IT resellers and consulting companies as both competence and education houses as well as a distributor of a number of the world’s leading IT brands with in IT Security, Server & Storage, Network and Unified Communications. With more than 27 years of experience in IT distribution, they know what it takes to be a true Value Added Distributor. They always strive to make it easy and attractive for their retailers to sell products and solutions from the manufacturers they represent. SEC DATACOM has more than 80 employees in 5 locations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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GoBright Desk Booking and Room Booking are intuitive solutions where you can quickly check and book available spaces, from wherever you are. Whether these are workplaces or meeting rooms; that doesn’t matter. In this way, an employer gets better insight into the occupancy and availability of the workspaces. And employees work in a way that makes them happy in an environment that meets their needs

Emil Mengel Product Manager, SEC DATACOM
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Happiest countries in the world

The Nordic countries are often seen as forerunners in business. They are praised for high (social) standards ​​and a good work-life balance. It is not without reason that Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark have been in the top 10 of “happiest countries in the world” for years. Employee happiness is extremely important. Freedom, autonomy, taking rest and relaxation at the right times, personal growth, sustainability and social equality (e.g. in terms of education, function and salary) are paramount. For example, just think of the good (maternity) leave arrangements, trials with 6-hour working days, equivalent (often free) training / education opportunities, innovative strength and a leading diversity policy.

In the Nordics the advantages of open spaced working, activity based working and hot desking are certainly acknowledged. Working from home, working on the go, working part-time; everything is possible. The increased mobility and flexibility greatly affect the way we work. Many companies introduce flexible workplaces, smaller meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

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