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Flexible desk use and desk management automatically come into play in the modern office.

Shape your flexible office with GoBright’s desk booking solution package: Desk Booking. Facilitate agile ways of working and manage your desk bookings.

  • list-itemMake desk bookings.
  • list-itemCheck-In at your desk.
  • list-itemWork with the GoBright Mobile App.



Desk sharing software
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Desk Booking Package

Your workdays look different every day. Some days you are at the office and need a place to work. Other days you can work remotely. In the modern office, flexible desk use automatically comes into play. In this package, GoBright’s desk management software is combined with an NFC Sticker. It faciltates a simple solution for agile ways of working. Booking a workplace that suits your needs is an important element of desk management and GoBright makes it easier than ever.

Go to the Online Portal on your desktop or use the app on your smartphone. See which desks are available in the interactive map and book your desk. By booking your desk in advance, you are assured of a desk that fits your needs.

Our 'Desk Booking' Suggestion

Here you can find the elements you need to make Desk Pooking possible in your office.

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Software Functionalities

Our software for Work, makes Desk Booking possible. The cloud-based Portal and App are always included with the Desk Booking software licence. The software comes with a multitude of features and functions. By adding licences and hardware products these functions can be activated and used when desired.

Software Integration

  • list-itemIntegrations: Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google, Active Directory and FMIS-systems.
  • list-itemAll types of roles are available to be authenticated.
  • list-itemUnlimited number of users can be added.

Using the Software

  • list-itemBooking desks through the interactive map in the Online Portal and via the Mobile App. Book anytime, anywhere.
  • list-itemFinding colleagues with the ‘Find my Colleague’ feature.
  • list-itemRecurring desk bookings.
  • list-itemMake team bookings.
  • list-itemSpecific search filters: types of desks, location etc.
  • list-itemCheck the availability of lockers via Mapping, via the Online Portal or via the Mobile App but also on the locker bank itself.
GoBright Platform
Create a Floorplan

A floorplan gives employees a visual display of the office space. Display availability of desks on each floor and provide up-to-date information on desks bookings, check-ins, and desk detections.

  • list-itemBooking desks through the interactive map in the Online Portal and via the Mobile App.
  • list-itemMake instant bookings through Mapping displays in the office.
  • list-item‘Find my Desk’ feature to see where your booked desk is in the office.
  • list-itemCreate and adjust your own floor maps in the Online Portal.
GoBright NFC Sticker
Easy and Cost-Efficient

An NFC Sticker is a fast and affordable solution for checking in/out at a desk and foccupance measuring.

  • list-itemLow cost – low effort.
  • list-itemCheck-in with the Mobile App.
  • list-itemOccupation status visible via Mapping.

Desk Sensors

By adding Desk Sensors to your desk booking solution, you have 100% accurate insight into desk occupation, no-shows, anonymous bookings, and other scenario’s related to desk booking in the office. We advise you to always combine our Desk Booking software with Desk Sensors. Especially when using the NFC Stickers for login.

Read more about Desk Booking Sensors
GoBright Portal - Analytics
Insight into Analytics

With GoBright Analytics you get great insights into the overall utilization of office space. Floor space within offices is expensive and desks that aren’t used are an unnecessary expense. It is therefore the job of the facility manager to use workplaces smartly and efficiently.

  • list-itemDiscover trends, such as the busiest days of the week, busiest hours of the day or which desks are booked most frequently.
  • list-itemReduce the number of no-shows.
  • list-itemCalculate the number of desks you really need.
  • list-itemImprove your understanding of user behaviour and preferences.
GoBright locker integration - Vecos locks
Locker Integration

When you booked a desk, you also need a dynamic locker at the same time, to store your belongings.

  • list-itemOne user friendly system, one app on your phone.
  • list-itemBook a locker at the same floor as your desk or meeting room, at the same time.
  • list-itemFind a locker near your workplace with the ‘Claim my Locker’ function.
GoBright Glow

More about the 'Desk Booking' Package Suggestion

Besides booking a desk, checking in/out is important to gather data. With this package suggestion you can check-in at your desk using an NFC Sticker. It is an easy and cost-friendly solution that configures with the GoBright Platform. Use the Mobile App to check in/out and the occupation status of the desk changes throughout the entire platform.

Interested in more?

All parts of the GoBright Desk Booking solutions are modular, so different implementations are possible. Are you interested in occupancy measuring and creating visibility in the office? View our suggestion packages for “Desk Occupancy” and “Hybrid Working” and read more.

Desk Occupancy Package


Hybrid Working Package

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