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How do I implement hot desking successfully?

Hot desking is currently trending among businesses and is an indispensable aspect of the Office of the Future. It can be quite challenging to switch from a workplace that is used to fixed desks, to a flexible working environment. Here are a few tips to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

Flexible in all aspects

Hot desking in itself is having the flexibility to choose whatever desk you work at when you arrive at the office. But why limit this flexibility to the workplace? Hybrid Working has become increasingly popular, with 60% of employees saying that this has become their preferred way of working. While Hybrid Working is a great solution for many, the problem that does arise is that people don’t know who of their colleagues will be present at the office. This can stagnate collaboration between coworkers.

Thankfully, this problem can be solved by providing your employees with a Desk Booking System, such as GoBright’s. This allows your employees to book desks at home, so they don’t have to waste time looking for a spot at the office. They can also quickly see which desks are occupied and by whom, which is useful for collaboration purposes.

Designing the Office of the Future

Now that you have incorporated hot desking and flexibility into your work culture, it is important to stimulate your employees to actually visit the office. How do you create a workspace that is more attractive to work at, than the comfort of their own homes? Office design is a key factor in this.

Your employees will want to work in a safe and healthy environment. The first thing you should implement in your office is height adjustable desks. You can choose desks that can be manually adjusted, but you can also choose to have technology do the adjusting for you. GoBright’s Desk Booking System can be complemented with GoBright Connects, in which your employees can install their preferred height. Since the Connects have a follow-me system, it does not matter which desk your employee uses in the future. Their preferred height is saved and the desk will automatically adjust itself when the employee is checked in.

Besides a safe and healthy environment, employees also want to work comfortably. Now that they’re used to working from home, the office should feel like a second home to them in order to make it attractive to work at. Because everybody has different preferences in terms of working environments, you should tailor your office to be fitting for everybody. You can do this by creating separate spaces, such as silent rooms and an office living room. The standard grey office full of desks is no longer attractive to work at for the majority of employees. This way, you’ll give your employees the sense of being home at work.

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