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How do you manage the hybrid workplace?

One of the drivers of the hybrid working model is flexibility. Employees from all over the world wonder how they can increase their flexibility in and around the office? But, in addition, autonomy, personal responsibility, clear communication and involvement are also extremely important. You want to keep employees engaged and motivated. A sense of belonging is crucial to our life satisfaction, happiness, mental and physical health and even longevity. It gives us purpose and meaning. Research has shown that loss of belonging has been associated with stress, illness and decreased wellbeing and depression.

People want to feel heard and seen. They need to know where they stand. Both at home and in the office. If you decide to come to the office for a day, you will want to know in advance whether a place is available. Companies therefore need new tools to offer the security  and insights that their employees so well deserve.


Desk Booking in the hybrid office

By furnishing the office with smart technology solutions, you can increase effectiveness, productivity and flexibility. In particular, a Desk Booking system contributes to the flexibility needed when people work on a hybrid basis. Employees can check the occupation status and book their desk in the GoBright Portal, or Mobile App, within seconds. With GoBright Desk Booking you can stimulate hot desking. Whether employees want to work at home or at the office, they can always manage their workspace.


Room Booking in the hybrid office

GoBright Room Booking also contributes to flexible working at the office. Employees are able to book a meeting room according to their preferences (AV equipment / lighting/ catering services). Our Room Booking system allows employees to be assured of a room that suits their needs. Furthermore, employees can also grab a room spontaneously or make an ad hoc booking for the ultimate sense of flexibility. Again, whether employees want to meet online or at the office, they can control and manage their meetings in the office environment with GoBright solutions.

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