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Why is hybrid working important?

That Hybrid Working is an important and relevant matter is proven by the fact that it is currently a C-level priority within many organisations.  The hybrid model fits very well with the wishes and expectations that employees have from the modern office. Those who do not adapt to the demands and wishes that employees have, will no longer remain appealing employers. If you want to get the new generation to the office it is essential that you can offer them flexibility, responsibility and ownership, by adapting to the hybrid working model.

The benefits of hybrid working

Furthermore the hybrid working model comes with interesting employer and employee benefits. Studies have shown that the hybrid model comes with increased productivity and job satisfaction amongst employee’s, a better work-life balance and overall improved employee wellbeing. The hybrid model is also used to make the office a more safe environment. Fewer colleagues will be at the office at the same time, reducing the risks of diseases spreading. Not only during the pandemic but also now this remains an important factor with regard to employee health and wellbeing.

A sustainable office

If employees work more hybrid, they have to come to the office less often, which saves a lot of commuting. And when all companies do this, it results in significant environmental savings. In the office too, resources and facilities can be used more economically if fewer people use them, which leads to savings on floorspace and utilities. Working Hybrid and using Smart Technology can help with sustainable thinking and optimising workplace performance.

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