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What are the benefits of Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working has many interesting benefits. The hybrid working model fits well with current wishes and objectives that modern job seekers and employees have. Studies have shown that the increase of flexibility has led to a better work-life balance and increased job satisfaction amongst employees. With an increase in job satisfaction employees become more loyal and happy around the office. In general the hybrid working model contributes to several factors that are linked to the wellbeing of employees. When you empower employees to work to their strengths, in an environment that they feel comfortable in, in return this boosts productivity. Furthermore the hybrid model has made the office a safer space. Hybrid working has significantly lowered the risks of diseases spreading around the office.

Stand out from the rest

Apart from employee advantages, there are some interesting employer benefits too. Employers are able to stand out from the crowd and attract, as well as retain, new talent if they adapt to the hybrid model. People would rather work for a modern organisation, where they are given the flexibility to spend their workdays as they see fit, than for a traditional organisation where they are required to be in the office fulltime. Employers who impose mandatory work in the office will notice in the short or long term that talented employees will leave the company.

Save space and money

Also, with the means of the hybrid working model and an effective occupation strategy, employers are able to safe space and costs on real estate since not all employee’s will be at the office all of the time. Apart from saved real-estate costs, employers are able to make the office more sustainable. In the hybrid office where interactions meet technology, an employer is able to continuously re-design and optimise the office environment with data derived from smart software solutions. Workplace Analytics is not only about making the hybrid office more efficient but also gaining insights into employee behavior.


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