What are the pro’s of hot desking?

More and more offices are introducing hot desking into their work culture. At the core of hot desking is the elimination of personal desks. This means that employees work at a different desk every day.  There are a few benefits that hot desking brings to employees and employers.

Better collaboration and social cohesion

In a workspace that doesn’t have static workplaces, employees work next to and with different colleagues every day. This enhances collaboration between different employees and departments within your business. Information will be shared throughout the company between different people, resulting in better overall knowledge of the business’ whereabouts. Working together with different people also stimulates creativity and increases social cohesion on the work floor.

Eliminating wasted resources

When your employees have fixed workplaces, these desks remain unused if the employee has a day off or is not present for any other reason. This is a waste of resources and space. Hot desking will enable optimally using the desks and other workspaces at the office, as unused desks may be occupied by anybody else. If you combine hotdesking with an occupancy management tool, you can measure how many of your desks are actually used. This information can be used to help reshape your office to fulfil the needs of your employees.

Tidy workspaces

People like to bring home to the office. This is why fixed desks usually have personal items, such as pictures and stationery. When your office makes use of hot desks, employees will have increased accountability in keeping their desks organized and clean. After all, someone else is going to use it after them. This will help keep your workspace clean. You as an employer can help them by providing them with lockers.


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