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Increased potential in Mapping with new upgrade

New Features & Upgrades

GoBright Mapping provides employees a visual display of the entire office. Check the availability of meeting rooms and desks on each floor and find an available workplace that suits your needs. It is an interactive map that provides up-to-date information, based on desk/room bookings, check-ins, and desk/room detection. You can also add points of interest to the Map, such as toilets, elevators, and emergency exits.

Mapping started with only supporting SVG files, but we have added PNG to the mix. The maximum size of the files has also been increased: GoBright Mapping will be able to process files of 1 MB instead of the current 300 KB. This will make for a more detailed map. Lastly, we will be adding non-interactive icons to Mapping.


This last change is expected in Q4, the increase of size and support of PNG is now available.

Mapping upgrade -- increase size and details

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