A good planning is essential to get the maximum return from meetings and meeting rooms. But sometimes people want to sit right now, apart from the planning. Then it would be very useful to directly see which meeting rooms are available and for how long.

GoBright Meet – Room Booking

At Unicef, they also ran into this problem. Searching for an available meeting room at the moment that there was an ad hoc discussion. Helen Ruigrok van der Werve from Unicef says: ‘We came to GoBright via a tip and they advised GoBright Meet – Room Booking in combination with room displays with LED lighting. We were excited immediately! When a room is needed, you can immediately see which rooms are available. You can see that digitally, but also when you are walking around. Then a green light shows up, and you can use the room. Those colours, they are really great! I hear many people say that this is really nice.’

We ask Ruigrok van der Werve for the ease of use of GoBright Meet – Room Booking. She says: ‘It works very easily. You have to open up Outlook, choose a room and enter your data in that appointment. Then, you only have to press the start button.’


GoBright Work – Desk Booking

In addition to Room Booking, GoBright has the same solution for flexible workplaces. This also creates opportunities for Unicef. Ruigrok van der Werve: ‘We are pretty flexible, but there are also several permanent places. This works very dynamically and therefore we need 10 less agencies. But it also seems that people want to sit together once or twice a week in their own team. A solution like Desk Booking certainly offers an added value in this concept.’

We were immediately enthusiastic! When a room is needed, you immediately see which rooms are available. Those colours, they are really great!

Ruigrok van der Werve

Advisor, Unicef

Cooperation with GoBright

Ruigrok van der Werve appreciates that GoBright thinks along and she appreciates the service orientation of GoBright. ‘I like things that are made easier for people. GoBright is service-oriented and handles everything neatly. In addition, people thought well about the suspension system, because we have glass everywhere. It nicely combines with the names of the rooms, and also exactly at that height next to the window.’


About Unicef

All children, anywhere in the world, have the same rights. These children’s rights are recorded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. On behalf of the United Nations, Unicef must observe if governments comply with the Convention on the Rights of the Child ans if they respect it. Unicef works together with 115 people in The Hague.

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