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Case Story

Thirteen Group

Implementing modern workplace technology and maximizing desk management and meeting spaces were the goals.


The brief from Thirteen Group was to source a comprehensive visitor management system, including individual desk and room booking facilities. They were also looking to equip multiple meeting, collaboration, and open plan desk spaces. They included the need to explore more agile and flexible working practices as part of a review called ‘Right Space Right Place’. Their motivation was partly getting best value from all office space, but they mainly wanted to engender a culture of choice and trust through how, where and when staff members were able to work.

They needed a solution that would enable:

  • Desk booking & Optimization of desk usage;
  • Freeing up of empty meeting rooms;
  • Easy finding of empty desks, colleagues and teams;
  • Tracking of popular seating areas;
  • Compatibility with fully height-adjustable workstations;
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that would also pick up room booking and visitor / guest management and link in with both Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

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Thirteen Group had a very specific set of requirements and the only one that could provide all the deliverables was GoBright.

John Andrews - Visavvi Reseller for Thirteen Group

Implementation of Meet, Work and Visit at Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group - GoBright - Workplace Management3

Meet, Work, Visit for Thirteen Group

Thirteen Group reached out to workplace solutions specialist integrator Visavvi for help. Convinced that GoBright was the right solution, but concerned that implementing such a large level of change across the organisation would be difficult, Visavvi partnered with workplace technology experts Ascentae (GoBright’s distributor in the UK) to help manage the deployment.

GoBright challenged the detail of the brief where relevant, ensuring Thirteen Group didn’t waste money on things that were not yet needed, adding real value during the development phase. The implementation went very smoothly as the booking systems and the reporting systems delivered exactly what was needed. The analytics capability also provided hard data on how the implementation challenges were being met.

GoBright Workplace Management

Due to an ongoing building refurbishment, site visits were limited, and the initial consultation was done solely from site plans and floor drawings. The requirement was for a very specific set of desk and room booking functionality. Whilst the features of several booking system providers were reviewed, the only one that could provide all the deliverables was GoBright. Being new to the UK market and with no previous UK installation to reference it took a lot of trust from Thirteen Group to be confident in the recommendation of GoBright. Ascentae advised Thirteen Group fly out to GoBright in the Netherlands to see the solutions first hand and the visit confirmed that this was the right product for them.

Meet, Work and Visit

GoBright’s unique features include a self-service visitor registration system, room booking panels and multifunction desk connect modules with status LED’s indicating their current availability status. The management and reporting platform provides real time and historic Workplace Analytics such as book and utilisation data complemented by under desk occupancy sensors and an Outlook based booking system – all of which provide vital information on workplace utilisation.

Self Service registration

A 10-inch interactive screen is used at the entry point to the building. Visitors register their arrival, have their photograph automatically taken and are issued with a photo ID visitor badge. The system then notifies their host of their arrival. All this improves the visitor experience and free’s up resources so staff can concentrate on other vital work. Visitors and staff are then directed around the building using a series of strategically placed Wayfinding LCD screens. These show real time room and desk utilisation information allowing staff and visitors to find their intended destination or free workspace easily and quickly.

Monitoring and Review

The reporting and management part of the platform allows Thirteen Group to regularly monitor and review workspace usage, improving access to workspaces that are more in demand and providing greater workplace agility. Importantly, actively monitoring user visits and workspace use allows Thirteen Group to maintain an accurate record of who has used which space. The resulting facility provides a cutting-edge workplace environment with extensive meeting and collaboration facilities that are accessible via GoBright’s highly effective room and desk booking system.

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The Company

Thirteen Group provides housing and services for more than 70,000 customers across Teesside and other areas of the North East, including North Yorkshire, County Durham, and Tyne and Wear. In July 2017, Erimus Housing, Housing Hartlepool, Tees Valley Housing, Tristar Homes and Thirteen Care and Support joined in partnership to create one strong social purpose business called Thirteen. The organisation now has over 1500 staff, based at their new flagship three-story office in Middlesborough.

The Perfect Sales Channel

GoBright and Ascentae worked with Visavvi proactively, offering pragmatic and professional advice based on their expert knowledge of the market and the product. Visavvi account manager John Andrews spent many hours working closely with Thirteen Group to fully understand their wide range of needs and to ensure that any system installed would satisfy their immediate needs as well as providing possibilities for the future. John Andrews of Visavvi explained, “Thirteen Group had a very specific set of requirements for the desk and room booking system. I went through the features of several booking system providers and the only one that could provide all the deliverables was GoBright”.

The knowledge and experience of reseller, distributor and vendor was optimally utilized in every phase of the sales and implementation process. Which ultimately results in the best end result for Thirteen Group.

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