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The GoBright Room Booking and Visitor Registration solutions fit perfectly with the new generation of employees and modern ways of flexible working.


The new generation of employees has other requirements for a meeting. Nowadays, the so-called ‘huddle rooms’ are gaining popularity. Rooms in which you can exchange ideas quickly and easily collaborate with the help of video conferencing tools. With internal colleagues, but also with colleagues or people who are at a different location.

The easy arrangement of a huddle room or a different kind meeting room has turned out to be disappointing in practice. That was also experienced at Unigarant Insurance in Hoogeveen. Eddy Horsting, IT Specialist at Unigarant, explains: ‘Arranging meeting rooms was always a lot of hassle. In a different office building, I once saw handy screens on the wall of meeting rooms. Then I thought: why don’t we have this?’ But there were even more challenges within Unigarant. Horsting says: ‘We had a list at the desk to register our visitors. Then we thought: This is not possible anymore, this must be done digitally, certainly within the frameworks of the GDPR legislation.

GoBright Room Booking - Visitor Registration - Unigarant

Everyone thought GoBright Meet was very useful right from the start. They immediately understood how it worked.

Eddy Horsting Advisor

Implementation of Meet and Visit at Unigarant

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Smart Software solutions for Unigarant

Horsting searched the internet and ended up on the GoBright website. ‘I contacted them, discussed my wishes and they advised GoBright Meet – Room Booking, an efficient tool to easily and quickly find and reserve an available and suitable meeting room. We have been running a pilot and everyone has found the GoBright Room Booking system very useful right from the start.’ Horsting continues. ‘The colleagues immediately understood how it worked. You can see on the room display whether the room is available or not, you check in and can reserve an available room immediately!’

‘We asked GoBright to think along with our visitor registration issue and they advised us superbly and delivered their self-registration solution. We receive very good responses, especially about the nice badges that our visitors get when signing up.’

Cooperation with GoBright
Horsting is very positive of the cooperation with GoBright. ‘It is really bizarre how quickly everything is implemented and arranged here. In addition, I often receive a response to my mail on the same day. I really like that. Keep it that way. We are very satisfied!’
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ProDVX Hardware

GoBright creates smart office software solutions to enable Desk Booking, Room Booking and Visitor Management at the office. The user experience of our software is even better when it is applied to high-quality hardware. For Unigarant we worked with the ProDVX displays for the Room Panels and the visitor login screens. The  X-series Panel pcs have 2-sided LED bar for extra clear signaling of the availability of the rooms. The use of ‘power of ethernet’ made sure the displays were easy to install.

About Unigarant

Unigarant is part of the ANWB and works together with 400 people in a beautiful office building in Hoogeveen. Unigarant specializes in insurance of vehicles (mobility), holidays and leisure. They are even market leader in insurance for bicycles and mopeds. Unigarant believes it is important that insurances fit well with every customer.

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