Easy and GDPR-proof digital self-registration by visitors

GoBright digital self-registration provides a professional and modern self-registration by visitors, so the receptionist can continue to focus on her or his core tasks. It is also an ideal tool for unmanned receptions. After registration, the host receives an SMS and e-mail notification to pick up the guest. In addition, the organization also directly complies with the GDPR-requirements of the EU of visitor registration.


Badge printing

Amazing features of digital self-registration

Intuitive use
Relieves receptionist
SMS/e-mail to host
Online portal
Realtime overview
Create your own design
Various integrations
Easy installation


The heart of the software

The portal is your management tool for all available licenses. All (customer-specific) settings are stored here. The portal integrates for digital self-registration with Active Directory and GoBright Room Booking.

The portal shows a real time overview of who is or has been in the building, which can be very useful in case of emergencies.

Software€ 999,- per location a year (VAT excluded)

HardwareDisplay + mount

Optional additions for visit

Badge printing

For optimal visibility of visitors

Increase the visibility of your visitors within the building with a professional badge. Print the badges with your own design, company logo and colors. After a visit, it is very easy to check out and check in on a next visit by scanning the QR-code on the badge.

SoftwareNo additional license needed

HardwarePrinter & badges

Some visit customers

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