A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors.

Whether you have a busy reception area, or an unmanned lobby, with GoBright Visit your guests are welcomed immediately.

  • list-itemAccelerate the flow of people at the counter.
  • list-itemShorten the waiting time.
  • list-itemStimulate a punctual appearance.

Complete visitor registration software with amazing features such as pre-registrations, custom made design and optional badge printing.

GoBright Visit - digital reception - visitor management - self registration


What to expect

GoBright Visit is a digital visitor registration and check in solution that allows pre-registrations as well as visitor self- registrations. Use one or more Visit screens in your reception area, depending on the number of visitors you welcome each day.

GDPR proof

No more registration lists lying around at the reception desk. All data is securely stored in the Portal, according to the GDPR legislation of the EU.

Instant Notification

Employees receive SMS / email when their guests check in. No more searching for colleagues and trying to call them. Shorter waiting time for guests.

Realtime Overview

Accurate visitor overview at any time of the day.

Intuitive and Plug and Play

In just a few clicks a professional and pleasant welcome for your visitors.

Various Integrations

With Active Directory, Outlook Plugin and GoBright Room Booking.

Amazing features to welcome your visitors professionally

GoBright Visit - Outlook Plugin

Invite guests via the Portal or Outlook Plugin when booking a meeting. They receive an invite with a pre-registration QR code, to check in. The visitor scans the QR code upon arrival and all his / her details are stored in the online portal. The host of the meeting automatically receives a text message or email saying the guest has arrived. The receptionist knows upfront who to expect. She can prints badges in advance, when receiving large groups of people.

  • list-itemNo unnecessary queues at the counter.
  • list-itemReceptionist does not need to track down phone numbers or colleagues.
  • list-itemAdd directions, safety instructions or a health check to your invite.
  • list-itemCompletely paperless.
GoBright Visit - visitor management - digital reception - self registration

Visitors enter the building without a pre-registration invite and register themselves on the spot, by following the steps on the screen. They fill in the requested information, such as name and email. They look up the name of the employee they are visiting, accept any safety instructions and check in. The host of the meeting automatically receives a text message or email saying the guest has arrived.

  • list-itemNo queues at the counter
  • list-itemReceptionist does not need to track down phone numbers or colleagues
  • list-itemCompletely paperless
badgeprinting - GoBright Visit - visitor registration
Badge printing

Badge printing is an optional product that helps you increase the visibility of your visitors within the building. Print badges with your own design, logo, colours, the name of your visitor and a QR code. It’s even possible to personalise the badge with a photo.

After the meeting a simple badge scan allows the visitor to check out of the building. One-time visitors return their badge at the reception desk. Returning visitors can keep their badge and use it again on their next visit. This speeds up the check-in process even more, which is ideal for suppliers, for example.

Of course we can advise you which badge printers from Brother and Fargo work flawlessly with our digital reception software.

Check out our list of Certified Hardware
GoBright Visit

Customize the template of the Visit registration display and the email, according to your corporate branding.

  • list-itemAdd directions, safety instructions or a health check to your invite
  • list-itemPre-set your preferred language
  • list-itemSpecify the information you need from your visitor.

The portal is your management tool for all Meet, Work and Visit licenses. All (customer-specific) settings and configurations are managed and stored here. For GoBright Visit, the portal integrates with Active Directory, Outlook Plugin and GoBright Room Booking. Specify your personal settings in the portal. For example, differentiate the types of visitors e.g. clients, applicants and suppliers. Or select multiple locations where the configurations can be used; ideal when your company has more locations or more reception areas.

All data is secured safely and GDPR proof. The facility manager determines the number of days visitor data will be stored. After that, data will be permanently deleted.

Safety First

The facility manager or the emergency response officer has an accurate overview of the people that are in the building, in case of an emergency. The portal is cloud-based so it can be used on a tablet or phone.

GoBright Visit - Outlook Plugin
Outlook Plugin

Outlook, one of the most common email and calendar management programs in the office. GoBright has developed a Plugin that works within Outlook. Use the GoBright Plugin in the menu bar, when scheduling an appointment. A world of possibilities will open up for you. Search for a meeting room based on your preferences. Reserve catering, extra room services and invite & pre-register your attendees instantly, with your room booking.

A big win!

Does the date or location of the meeting change, or is it canceled completely? The booked catering and services change accordingly. One system, one action. Smart and simple.

Smart Office

The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for desk, room and visitor management and digital signage that fit together perfectly and are easy to use.

  • list-item Find and book an available workplace via Portal, App or Outlook Plugin.
  • list-item Invite and pre-register guests.
  • list-item Find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping.
  • list-item Up-to-date and accurate visibility on all parts of the smart platform.
  • list-item Smart sensors measure the real-time occupancy of meeting rooms and desks.
  • list-item The GoBright platform integrates with various systems.
  • list-item Great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.


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