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Strukton was looking for a flexible and efficient solution for booking meeting rooms and also wished to gain more insight into the availability of the meeting rooms. Recently, Strukton collaborated with Comcross to successfully implement GoBright Room Booking and GoBright Wayfinding at two of its locations.

Strukton has three operating companies – Strukton Rail, Strukton Civiel and Strukton Worksphere. Each of Strukton’s companies develops technologies and integrates solutions to contribute to the safety, quality, and sustainability of rail transport, road infrastructure, technical installations, and buildings.

More insight into available rooms

Strukton’s facilities department is responsible for both hard services which include building management and technology as well as soft services which include catering, landscaping and cleaning. The facilities department carries out a customer satisfaction survey on an annual basis. In this case, the customers are Strukton employees. The latest research showed that booking meeting rooms should be made more accessible and there should be greater insight into room availability.

Consultant Ruud de Haas and facility coordinators Esther Snel and Ilse Maas of Strukton Worksphere have taken on this challenge as a team. They began by examining opportunities in the market in detail, after which they supervised the realisation of the project.

GoBright: Book a meeting room without using a middle man

“At Strukton Group, we work with a facilities service desk”, says Esther. “Previously, if you wanted to reserve a meeting room you could book a room at your specified time via email or telephone. The service desk receptionist would then check availability and make a reservation in the FMIS. All facilities reports were recorded along with this. Any catering requests could also be added to the reservation. However, this could only be done by the service desk, not the employees themselves. Naturally, our receptionists were able to view existing reservations, but there was no insight for employees.”

Technological solution for the professional meeting room

“Technology supplier Comcross is no stranger to Strukton. It was therefore a logical step to hire their expertise. One of its products, GoBright Room Booking, is a platform through which users can easily book meeting rooms”, adds Ruud.

Every meeting room has a touchscreen at the entrance that shows current availability. You can reserve the room immediately without the intervention of a service counter.

Working efficiently through one digital platform

Strukton worked closely with Comcross and GoBright during this project. It appears good preparation is half the battle. The initial plan stated that a link to the FMIS would be made for catering orders. But in the meantime, GoBright launched a new module for users who want to order catering. With the addition of this catering module, Strukton now uses one platform that works very efficiently. People can work with GoBright at two locations, thanks to a bit of customisation they were able to implement.

The power of GoBright Room Booking is its flexibility

The GoBright Room Booking platform offers various options for reserving a meeting room:

  • Directly via the online platform
  • Via Outlook
  • Using the touchscreen in the meeting room
  • Using the smartphone app

“The app is an ideal supplement for our colleagues who spend a lot of time on the road”. says Esther. “These different reservation options make it a very flexible and efficient system. The user can make choices that work best with their needs. We received a lot of positive feedback after GoBright was implemented.”

GoBright is easy to use

“After the implementation, we briefly explained how GoBright Room Booking works. We also created an FAQ file and set out conditions for how to deal with catering. GoBright Room Booking was very well received by our colleagues”, says Ruud.

“We’re very satisfied with the end result and we definitely recommend GoBright to other organisations in the industry!”

Esther Snel

Facility coördinator, Strukton

Additional customisation

“If something in the room isn’t working, for example a broken lamp, this can be reported via GoBright”, says Ruud. “The GoBright Room Booking system meets all of our needs, but we still have a couple of wishes. Our core business is a pleasant working environment, and we would therefore like to provide information about the meeting room’s indoor climate in GoBright. An extra visualisation aid for the user. A nice-to-have. We’re working with GoBright to look at options for implementing this.”

GoBright Wayfinding, where do I need to go?

In addition to GoBright Room Booking, we have placed GoBright Wayfinding at the same two locations at the entrance. These are large information screens for visitors and employees that clearly display meeting rooms and booked meetings. The bars indicate the availability of the meeting room – green means the room is free, while red indicates it is occupied.

“We talked everything through, clearly formulating our needs and wishes, at the beginning of the project. As a result, the collaboration went very well”, says Ruud. “With a lead time of approximately 2 months, a variety of additional functionalities have been realised for us. The system aligns with our expectations and quality standards”.

“We’re very satisfied with the end result and we definitely recommend GoBright to other organisations in the industry!”, adds Esther.

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