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Since the start of GoBright in 2016, Epatra BV has been our distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

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The foundation of Epatra lies in distribution. It is in their DNA. More than 20 years ago they started distributing projectors, but have now grown into a specialist in providing a total package of audiovisual and ICT solutions within the business market.

In recent years they have seen an increasing demand for specialist knowledge. The market is changing and so is their role as a distributor. That is why they have developed into a complete project organization that does not simply supply the products but enters into the cooperation.



Over the past two decades, a lot of developments have passed by. Remember the overhead projector? When business changers came along, they forced organizations to adapt. Like the further integration of AV and ICT. Or ‘modern working’ that creates opportunities for the market to deliver new products and solutions, such as Smart Office. And that is where GoBright fits in perfectly.

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[...] The strength of GoBright lies within their single platform solution. This allows our clients to manage their desk booking, room booking, visitor registration and digital signage from one system. A total package. It is user-friendly for the user, provides facility management with the right data and is secure and quick to implement for IT. Modern working at its finest!

Chris Wiegeraad Commercial Director, GoBright

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