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An agile and technologically-advanced approach to simplifying employee-to-facility synergy and convenience. IAdea’s panels, paired with GoBright’s Room Booking Software and Visitor Registration System brings our customers a variety of significant benefits. GoBright further builds on IAdea’s 20 years of trust, quality, and expertise in the field of media players and displays.

  • Varied choice of touch screens.
  • Serve our worldwide network of customers.
  • Reliable and well-designed displays.
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About IAdea

IAdea’s digital signage hardware enables the smart workplace and empowers the campus.

Founded in 2000, IAdea is an award-winning leader in the digital signage industry. They offer an extensive range of hardware products, including room booking management panels, signage media panels, and device management software. IAdea currently powers close to one million displays globally, with the majority being in corporate, government and campus environments.

IAdea’s technology boasts enterprise-grade security whilst offering an exceptional user-experience. With the IAdea Enterprise Security Solution, organisations are better protected against system breaches and unauthorised access to sensitive data. IT managers can further leverarge IAdeaCare (Remote Device Management Service) to centralise remote device management and configuration, monitor device health and schedule screens to automatically switch on and off.IAdea Corporate Logo

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We are excited to engage in a fast-expanding partnership with GoBright, whose software takes full advantage of advanced features in IAdea’s cutting-edge, security-focused meeting room scheduling panels. Our collaboration have been very well received by prestigious end clients around the globe.

John C. Wang CEO & Co-Founder, IAdea Corporation
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IAdea WRP-1000 Enterprise Room Management Panel

The IAdea WRP-1000 is the world’s first premium room panel with built-in door lock access control interface, cable management and enterprise security solution that enhances Room Booking experiences by streamlining spaces to foster meetings without interruptions.

Organisations can create safer and smarter meeting spaces with the IAdea WRP-1000.

  • Enhance workplace collaboration, efficiency, productivity and safety.
  • Facilitates easy integrations with NFC/HID card reader.
  • No costly add-ons needed.

Professional workplaces can enjoy superior room management user-experience built in a premium designed panel and one-step quick room access with multiple touchless authentication methods including the use of personal mobile. This fortifies workplace access control policies.

The door lock access control enables facilities to enforce workplace safety policies by limiting entry to only approved meeting attendees. This way unauthorised access during turnaround times between reservations are prevented.

Find out how GoBright connects with the IAdea products:

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