The flexwork wonder for your organization

Check the occupation status of workspaces in one glance and book one within seconds. Just login with your personal NFC-card or smartphone. The desk immediately adjusts to your personal sitting or standing height. And if you are not in the office, the smart app ensures that you can book a workplace anytime and anywhere.


Amazing features of Desk Booking & Connect

Intuitive use

Visible occupation

Smart app

Easy login

Various integrations

Clear analytics

Personal settings

Applicable everywhere

Online portal

Patent pending

Desk Booking Portal & App (always needed)

The heart of the software

The portal is your management tool for all available licenses. All (customer-specific) settings are stored here. The portal integrates for Desk Booking with Active Directory and Google.

The app is standard included in the Desk Booking software license. It is your personal mobile working assistant. Search, find and directly book a desk from your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

SoftwarePortal & app  27,50 per desk a year (VAT excluded)

HardwareDesk Connect

Optional additions for work


Everything visible on one map

GoBright Mapping visualizes the office floors of the building. It is an interactive map with an overview of all available, booked and occupied workplaces and rooms. Mapping also gives you the possibility to make a direct booking or to find out at which desk the colleague you need is working.

Software 349,- per display a year (VAT excluded)

HardwareDisplay & mount

Desk Glow

Green, red or blue, it doesn’t get easier

GoBright Desk Glow is a trendy designed light with very handy attachment possibilities. See which desks are available and which are occupied in the blink of an eye. Or which colleagues do not want to be disturbed. The Desk Glow is an ideal tool for offices with partition walls between the desks.

SoftwareNo additional license needed

HardwareDesk Glow

Desk detection

No more unoccupied booked desks

GoBright Desk Detection is making the software even more intelligent. A smart sensor detects the presence of an employee. If it doesn’t detect anyone within a determined period of time the booking will be cancelled. If you use automatic occupancy detection even direct booking becomes unnecessary.

SoftwareNo additional license needed

HardwareSensor & receiver

NFC Sticker

Fast and affordable alternative

By using a NFC sticker you have a fast and affordable solution for checking in/out at a desk and occupancy measuring.


  • Can be implemented quickly (in large numbers);
  • Low cost – low effort;
  • No need to drill a hole in the desk;
  • Check in with the app and as soon as you’re checked in, this is immediately visible on the ‘Mapping’.

Vecos Smart Lockers integration

Book your locker and workplace in one platform

Check the availability of lockers via the ‘Mapping’ screen on the work floor, in the GoBright Portal or the App (‘claim a locker nearby’), but also on the locker bank itself. Book a locker at the same floor as your desk or meeting room, at the same time. And operate your locker (open / close) with the GoBright app or the NFC card with which you also check in at your workplace.

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