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Colors on the Map Viewer GoBright Mobile App Quick Use Guide The display shows an activation code, what's next? Are time zones for each device required? The display shows an incorrect time Can we change the function of a display? Do we need to add all our users to GoBright? How are users added to GoBright? Can the GoBright app be closed on a display? The app cannot be installed on the display Can a display be installed before the software has been configured? Error:WEB_API_NOT_REACHABLE (102) Troubleshooting GoBright App with IAdea device Booking search criteria shows multiple results of the same location Visibility for the visually impaired Date formats


How to add a Teams link to a booking When you cannot edit or delete bookings in a shared mailbox from within the GoBright Portal Can Outlook be used to book meetings? How can the Room name be changed on the display? Is every single booking synchronised with GoBright? How long does it take before a booking is visible on the display? The information on the display is incorrect Do users need to login to GoBright to create a booking? Process of Roombookings with Office365 and GoBright GoBright Meet implementation of other resources Validation errors when booking a Room Error: 'No room with this identifier found in the integrated system'


My Linak desk won't move up (anymore) The Gateway does not seem to function The Connect is turned off The Connect cannot be joined to the Gateway Signing into a desk with NFC does not work Can a pincode be used to create a desk booking? Why is the booking removed after the desk becomes unoccupied? Time preferences for booking Desks


Warning: sending SMS/notification failed. What to do? Why does the location not appear within the configuration? How can we setup multiple languages? Do we need to create more than one visitor type? When searching for a host, no names are displayed The pre registration QR Code is not recognized Brother printer doesn't print a badge anymore with GoBright Visit Can I send my pre registered visitor an email with our custom sender mail address?


How to turn of screens/pause content (for example during holidays) Data form external sources suddenly won't show anymore My content doesn't show correctly or is cut off on the displays Subtitles / Closed Captions What are placeholder images? Images are not visible anymore Screen is turned off Image does not scale correctly NTP Not Configured (error) Device status (Icon colors)


Deprecation of Basic Authentication by Microsoft for Exchange Online


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